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Southern Sky Star Mats

Southern Sky Star Mats

An affordable and uniquely "Southern Hemisphere" touch to enhance your epic space battles.

Perfectly sized for Star Wars: X-Wing and Armada

These 3ft x3ft (915mm x915mm) outdoor grade printed vinyl mats come in two resolutions, each with a variety of 5 different images captured by astrophotographers from the Macarthur Astronomical Society.

An affordable addition for battling for the Empire or the Rebels can now be done in real parts of the universe. In galaxies far, far away or a lot closer to home, there's sure to be something in our beautiful Southern Skies that will add something to your enjoyment of your gaming experience without breaking the bank.


The new High Resolution mats have had a total makeover, with some new source images and a two part mat, which will allow for large games. Milky Way 1 & 2 mate together to allow for a double size play surface without either image looking like only half a mat.

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