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About Us

I’ve been a passionate gamer for over 25 years playing everything from Games workshop to Magic the Gathering and everything in-between. 

It’s a familiar tale, a group of friends getting together every week to play their favorite games, the dice are rattling and the cards are flying when the discussion turns to “well why don’t we open our own gaming store?”, which leads to reasons why it should be done and reasons why it shouldn’t be done, eventually the idea settles back into the “amazing pipe dream” status it has been for years, well not this time!!

As many people reading this can relate to, I’ve always dreamt of being the guy behind the counter with a shop full of amazing games, toys and dice, with tables full of other likeminded gamers. Although this isn’t the game store of legend that I pictured in my head, it is the first step in the journey that will eventually, with some luck and drive, lead to the Valhalla of gaming stores. Buckle up for a new adventure

I’ve seen game stores come and go, we all have, however, I know what makes a good shopping experience, competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, both of which will be in abundance when you shop at Nerdvana Games SA.